Intermittent Connectivity on Calls


Dear Customers and Partners,

The issue was resolved at approximately 9:45AM.

Calls are now connecting as normal, with no known issues.

If you continue to experience issues, please restart your phone and try again.

The cause of the problem was found to be substantially higher than normal peak call volume, which overwhelmed call distribution infrastructure, affecting some customer services. With the convergence of peak call volume following the public holiday and the end of daylight savings aligning peak call times across the states, the upstream provider’s network received a multitude more than the normal expected peak call load this morning.
While the network has been designed to handle peak demand, the unprecedented influx this morning overloaded certain parts of the network, which led to calls dropping.

A workaround has been put in place, and the upstream provider’s team will be performing maintenance this evening to implement additional load balancing, to ensure the network can handle these kinds of influxes in future.

Our upstream provider will also fast track the next round of planned infrastructure upgrades to ensure there is ample capacity available going forward.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this service interruption, and rest assured that we are taking action to ensure the root cause of this issue is resolved, to prevent any reoccurrence.

Kind Regards,
Priority PBX


Dear Customers and Partners,

This issue has now been resolved. We will continue to monitor performance over the next hour.

Problem Identified

Dear Customers and Partners,

The cause of the intermittent call connection issue has been identified and our team are working to resolve it as a matter of urgency.

Expected resolution time within 15 minutes. Further updates to follow.


Dear Customers and Partners

There is currently an outage affecting some of our services:
Affected Services:

  • PriorityPBX / Incoming Calls

  • PriorityPBX / Outgoing Calls

  • Priority Tech Services / Helpdesk - Phone Support

  • Communications / Priority PBX Services

We are currently investigating this issue and will provide further status updates.

The Priority Tech Team

4 Affected Services: